Create a Hypnotic Typography Design from Scratch with Photoshop

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    Photoshop CS2
    30-60 Minutes

Photoshop gives you the tools that allow you to be creative. Here is a brilliant example of how you can use Photoshop’s functionality in ways no one would imagine!

Learn how to create a futuristic, psychedelic, modern and cool typography design. Let’s get started!

I had a lot of fun while creating this tutorial, I hope you will enjoy reading it as well 🙂

Step 1

Create a new document. Make it around 1280 x 1024 in size for best effect. Add a new Layer “Layer 1”, then fill it in any color. Apply a Noise filter and use these settings:

Step 2

Duplicate Layer 1 then drag a guide from the top ruler down to the center of the image (it will snap). Select the Single Row Marquee Tool and click on the guide.

Step 3

Transform (Ctrl + T). Using the middle upper handle of the transformation-box, drag upwards while holding down the Alt-key on your keyboard.

Apply the transformation. Then Transform again, but this time press the Free Warp icon and select the Bulge Warp.

Step 4

Create a new layer. Type something.

Transform the text if you want and add some shapes.

Step 5

Make a selection of all your texts and shapes (Ctrl + Shift – clicking the layer icons). Select Layer 1 Copy and press the delete-key on your keyboard. Hide all text & shape layers and deselect (Ctrl + D).

Step 6

Create a new layer “Stamped” and place it on the top of the Layer stack. Stamp visible (Ctrl + Alt + Shift + E).

Select Filter > Filter Gallery. Stack your filters like this:

  • Glowing Edges
  • Accented Edges

Adjust the settings of Glowing Edges and Accented Edges till you get a psychedelic effect.

Step 7

Duplicate layer Stamped and change its Blending Mode to Linear Dodge (Add). This gives us a nice little glow.

Step 8

Create a new Layer and fill it with black. Load the selection of your texts/shapes and then click Add Layer Mask icon.

Click on the Layer Mask thumbnail and invert it (Ctrl + I).

Load the selection of your texts/shapes again, click the Layer’s thumbnail and press the delete-key on your keyboard. Deselect (Ctrl + D).

Step 9

Still working on the same layer. Click the anchor that links the Layer Mask to the Layer (unlink them). Then select Filter > Blur > Radial Blur. Set value to about 30, method to Spin and quality to Best.

Step 10

Double-click the layer to edit Layer Styles. Add a Radial Gradient going from a dark gray into a lighter gray in the center.

Step 11

Create a new Layer, then Stamp Visible and sharpen by using Filter > Sharpen > Smart Sharpen. About 70%/1px should do good.

At this stage you can change the colors a bit if you would like. Add a new Color Balance Adjustment Layer, we used it to:

  • Add some Blue to Shadows
  • More Blue and Red to Midtones
  • Add a lot of Yellow, Red and Green to Highlights

Step 12

Duplicate the stamped layer and apply a Radial Blur Filter. Set the Amount to about 60 and press OK.

Add a Layer Mask to this layer and render some default colored clouds (Press D, then use Filter > Render > Clouds).

Go to Image > Adjustments > Levels and compress some of the pixels by moving the sliders as shown below.

This gives us a less linear effect. You may also have to lower the opacity of this layer a bit.

Play around with the settings for the Color Balance Adjustment layer and you will get some very cool color variations.

Power Tip: If you want total control over colors, you can also add a Channel Mixer.

Final Result

Alternative result, while using a Channel Mixer to control the colors of the image.

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