How To Turn Any Photo Into a Realistic Painting Using Standard Photoshop Filters

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    Photoshop 7
    5-10 Minutes

Photoshop allows everyone to become a great artist, even those who cannot draw. Here is a quick tutorial on how to turn a photograph into a digital painting using only a small set of filters.

For this tutorial you will need a photo so begin by opening up a photo in Photoshop. Feel free to use this photo of a boat that we provide for this tutorial.

Step 1

Go to Filter > Artistic > Rough Pastels. For our photo of the boat, these settings worked fine. This gives us a nice looking canvas-texture.

Step 2

Go to Filter > Artistic > Smudge Stick. Set Stroke Length to about 1 and play around with the other two sliders till you get the result you want. This removes some of the details and “smudges” out some of the colors so that the photo looks painted.

Create a new layer, select a small-sized brush and draw your signature — and you are done!

This technique works for almost all photos, as long as you play around with the settings. Here are a few more examples.

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