Don’t go the wrong way – Photoshop Tutorial

Requirements: Made with CS6 but can be done in previous versions also Difficulty: Medium + Time: Max 1,5 Hours Outcome Resources Well, let’s start: Tutorial Open up “Tree” picture Roughly select it with Lasso Tool (L) Simply click on selection and move it left Right Click > Feather (25 Pixels) Copy and paste and move […]

  • Requirements: Made with CS6 but can be done in previous versions also
  • Difficulty: Medium +
  • Time: Max 1,5 Hours


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Well, let’s start:


  1. Open up “Tree” picture
  2. Roughly select it with Lasso Tool (L)
  3. Simply click on selection and move it left
  4. Right Click > Feather (25 Pixels)
  5. Copy and paste and move it on tree
  6. Expand it (CTRL+T to transform)
  7. Now use Eraser Tool (
  8. E
  9. ) and delete some parts with soft brush (I deleted the RED parts)

  10. Now using Clone Stamp Tool (S) ALT+Click on area you want to use as your stamp pattern (RED area). Now simply Paint on your area that you want to cover. In this case the tree (GREEN area)
  11. Again, same process on end of tree.
  12. Where did the tree go? : )
  13. Open up “boat” picture in a separate document.
  14. Using Pen Tool (P) make a path that includes whole boat.
  15. Now go on Path’s window and RIGHT CLICK on “work path” thumbnail. (If you do not have Path window that go Window > Paths in Photoshop toolbar)
  16. Copy it (CTRL+C) and Paste it on your previous document (CTRL+V)
  17. Transform it (CTRL+T) and put it onto shadow area.
  18. Use Eraser Tool (E) and RIGHT CLICK on document to open Brushes dialog. Select grass-like brush.
  19. Using various Opacity and size settings start to delete end of the boat.
  20. Look how it fits, like it’s in the grass. : )
  21. Make a new layer, make sure it’s the top layer. CTRL+CLICK on boat layer thumbnail.
  22. Using Brush Tool (B) (Hard brush, black, 100% opacity) Paint something like this.
  23. Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur around 11%
  24. Press ALT+G so your new layer would clip onto the boat.
  25. Draw a bit more with Brush Tool (B) (Soft brush, black, 30% opacity).
  26. Make a new layer below boat layer.
  27. Gradient, Black to nothing, radial. Make it like this.
  28. CTRL+T to transform it and put it like you see on the picture.
  29. Bring your clouds picture in the document, lower it’s opacity and position it like this using transform (CTRL+T)
  30. Select this area with Rectangular Marquee Tool (M) and press DELETE.
  31. Use Eraser Tool (E) with same Grass brush as in step 16. Delete the rough edges. (Marked RED)
  32. Put back opacity to 100%.
  33. Make a new layer below clouds layer.
  34. Gradient tool (G) (Linear gradient, white to nothing). Gradient it like shown on picture.
  35. Put it on Overlay.
  36. New layer, on top.
  37. Using Brush Tool (B), Big size, 100% opacity, Soft Brush paint like this. (RED area)
  38. Type in some text. (Font doesn’t matter, find one that you like)
  39. New layer, below text layer. After that with Rectangular Marquee Tool (M) make a selection like this and fill it with white color using Paint Bucket Tool (G).
  40. CTRL+T and transform it like this.
  41. Duplicate that layer by RIGHT click > Duplicate layer or by shortcut CTRL+J. Transform it like this.
  42. Holding CTRL click on both layers and press CTRL+E to merge them. After that Right click on them > Blending options. Check ‘drop shadow’ box and use same preferences.
  43. That’s it. I just transformed it a little bit. You’re done : ) Congrats!

Download .PSD

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