It’s a new Dawn – 50 Examples of Stunning Sunrise Photography

What is more beautiful than a silent sunset? A sunrise maybe? Check out these 50 amazing photographs and tell for yourself!

The featured photo was taken at Kish island, Persian Gulf, Iran — by photographer Hamed Saber.

First Light

Divine Light

Let there be light

Cook Island

Endless Love


Lonely in golden place!


Having got up so early

A Perfect Morning

Here we go again!

Grey Sunrise

A Perfect Morning at Glacier National Park

Autumn dawn

Eyes of the World

Where there's water, there's life


The End

There's a pool party at sunset - everyone mark your chair with a towel


North Stradbroke Island_3840 A

Sunrise on pudong

Letters from Iwo Jima

Botany Bay Sunrise 1


Sunrise Discovery of Angkor Wat

Borispol Sunrise

Godly Sunrise in Reykjavik

The End of the Earth

Rangitoto @ Dawn

Today's sunrise

Pompeii and Mount Vesuvius by morning


Derwent Water Jetty

The Dirt Road to the Nuclear Blast Site

Contrast Colour Extreme Saturday

Sea of light

Spring Sunrise

Turimetta Sunrise

Schooner in San Diego

Daybreak at Changi Point

Morning Skaters in Iceland


The Early Morning Fishermen

Two men in a boat

Boeing 747 sunrise

Sunrise in Myrtle Beach

what a beautiful morning

We will stay forever

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