• Hump Day Motion #14: Videos That Will Get You In the Mood for Christmas

    Hump Day Motion is the name of our weekly series when we post creative videos for your inspirational needs. We have brought you everything between slow-motion movies to vivid motion graphic art. This time though, we felt it was time to share a little bit of motion graphic love to get you in the right mood for Christmas!

  • Best of Performance Art Photography

    Performance art is the communication between the artist and the audience. It is not just dancing and singing, but all kinds of performances. Taking good photos of performance art requires timing and knowledge about light, since the artist is most likely in motion. Here is a collection of some of the best performance art photos that we were able to find!

  • Hump Day Motion #13: Playing With Fire

    Each and every week we try to warm you with our inspirational motion graphic inspiration series Hump Day Motion. This week we will be extra hot, since we are reviewing video shorts featuring fire — so join up and take a step inside to warm up a bit!

  • Album Cover Art – People’s Choice

    Music is truly a great form of art. Putting together all those tunes and sounds to create music is really a form of science. Designing the album covers is as well! Here is a collection of beautifully designed album covers, liked be people just like you and me.

  • Hump Day Motion #12: Interesting Experimental Videos

    In the last week’s Hump Day Motion we reviewed videos that are fun in some way. This week it is time to get inspired by creative ideas and experimental footage — both by motion graphic videos and real-life videos!

  • Abstract Digital Mixed Media Art Showdown – Inspiration, Resources and Tutorials

    Mixed media art, the beauty of putting together literally anything into one final piece of art. The technique must have been around since the stone-age, but it was not until Photoshop came along people really started to get crazy. Here is a collection of some of the most incredible digital art works featuring mixed media, along with some tutorials and resources for you to create your own art.

  • Hump Day Motion #11: The Fun, The Creative & The Thoughtful

    To give you some inspiration, and a good laugh — we have collected some videos that are not only fun, but also very creative and thoughtful! Enjoy this collection of fun, creative and thoughtful videos and share them with your friends.

  • Best of Humorous Art Photography

    The Internet is full of hilarious wins and fails in various types of media. Taking a humorous photograph requires a good thought or maybe just a good timing. Here is a collection of some of the best humorous photography the Internet has to offer!

  • A Showcase of Popular Game Character Art

    The gaming industry is constantly pushing the limits when it comes to new thinking in character design. The efforts in creating cute, cool, unique and horrifying characters has resulted in a vast collection of images on the Internet, posted by the artists themselves. We have collected 20 of the most beloved character concept designs to inspire you with what is possible!

  • Hump Day Motion #10: Admirable Sci-Fi Short Films Made by Indie Producers

    We have reached another Wednesday and it is time for the 10th (!!!) episode of PixelTango’s beloved series Hump Day Motion! In this episode you can enjoy more than 40 minutes of heart pumping sci-fi clips.

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