Hump Day Motion #3: 15 Beautiful Music Videos for Your Inspiration

It is time for PixelTango’s weekly update when we bring you some of the most inspiring videos of the Internet. In this week’s Hump Day Motion we are reviewing music videos — everyone loves music!

Probably the most beautiful music video ever made

Vanishing Point –A visually stunning music video

Fantastic LEGO(R) stop motion music video


Beautiful footage from the Oil in Water video

Relaxing and inspiring music video by Bjork

Nice music video created by sequencing still photos

OK Go has always been famous for their creative music videos

Another video by OK Go

This is a quite weird video, but it is really one of a kind!

A stop motion music video shot entirely in bed

Happy Up Here by Roysopp

The cool One Frame of Fame project

Cool dub-step music video

“I installed an ant colony inside my scanner five years ago. I scanned the nest each week”

Did I forget to mention any video? Which one is your favorite music video?

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