Hump Day Motion #2: 20 Videos That Will B(S)low Your Mind

Happy Wednesday everyone! After last week’s success with “Hump Day Motion”, we figured that it would be fun to just keep these inspirational videos coming for you guys. Here are 20 new videos that will b(S)low your mind!

Demo video for Sony Bravia HDTV

Flying dogs, aka “Birds” in slow motion – A must see!

Time Warp Archery

Really sweet fighting footage

Human Movement in Light (Le Parkour)

A not so ordinary skate movie clip

Beautifully filmed footage of a guy riding the BMX

Really cool longboarding video

Lightning strikes three of the tallest buildings in Chicago at the same time!

Proof that you do not need a fancy camera to create awesome videos

Balloons filled with color hitting a blue man in 1000 fps

Slow-mo video of surfers Laird Hamilton, Kai Lenny and Jason Polakow

“me and the co-workers getting punched at 1,000 frames per second”

TV campaign by Toshiba, featuring “bullet time” techniques

Flame Trail

Kinda slow start, but the concept is really cool

Slow Moscow

Favorite from last week’s video inspiration

“Ghost” — by the same artist as the Kanye video

Extra: Video tutorial on how to create slow-mo video from photos

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