Hump Day Motion #1: 20 Impressive Videos for Your Inspiration

It is Wednesday, and we have once again reached the middle of the week. Now it is time for PixelTango’s weekly Hump Day Motion for your inspiration!

Check out this list of 20 fantastic, creative and inspiring videos. I am sure you will find some really good inspiration in any of the clips!

Cool video by super talented animator Joaquin Baldwin

Another video by Joaquin Baldwin

Inspirational video filled with quick tips for better ideas

Nice animation for a food commercial

Cool light painting video by Ryan Cashman

Beautiful short-film about a small little girl named Alma

Typographic video by howard/baines

More Kinetic Typography – This time about aviation

The State of the Internet

Music video for Power, by Kanye West

Do you remember when you were a kid?

Gary Tonge’s portfolio video for 2008 – contains a selection of his recent works

Deadmau5 massive tour is about to start. Here is a cool promo video for it!

A video about Internet artist Phil Hansen

Swedish hip-hop band Gorilli with their cool stop-motion video created by Matts Barret

Water painting, aka Ebru Santi

A fantastic clip of beautiful northern lights filmed in Norway. Watch in HD!

Super Sexy CPR teaches you CPR the sexy way

If you have not seen Kiwi yet, now it is a good time for that!

10 year old Zara Larsson singing “Greatest Love Of All live”

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