Giveaway: Premium Stock Photos Worth $150

We have had the ambition to give our readers free stuff since the day we started this site, three months ago. We have brought you some really awesome Photoshop tutorials and other sweet articles. Now we have the privilege, together with, to give you the chance to win premium stock photos of a total value of $150!

This post is sponsored by Deposit Photos, your #1 resource for buying and selling Royalty-free photographs and vector images.

We are happy to announce that we have received 3 DepositPhotos accounts loaded with $50 of credit each to give away to three lucky readers of this blog. These credits can be used on their site to download high-quality premium photos.

How To Enter

For your chance to win a DepositPhotos account with $50 of credits — do one, two or all three of the following:

If you complete all three you will tripple your chance of winning!

We will pick the 3 winners at random next Monday, 6th of December 2010 (This competition has ended – Winners listed below), and announce them here. The winners will be notified via Email, Twitter or Facebook.

Good luck!

The Winners!

First of all, a big thanks to everyone that participated in this giveaway!

Drum-roll *Brrrr-rrrrr-rrrrr-BOM!*…

Here you have them! 3 every-day heroes and PixelTango fans, congratulations to you!

  • Alex Șopârlă (Romania) – PixelTango Facebook Fan
  • @vilinskyy2 (Ukraine) – Twitter User
  • Myst O’Connell (Portugal) – Blogger that linked to us

A special thanks to the people at DepositPhotos for giving us the opportunity to host this giveaway. Keep your eyes open on PixelTango, @PixelTango or PixelTango on Facebook for more giveaways like this!

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