• A Showcase of Popular Game Character Art

    The gaming industry is constantly pushing the limits when it comes to new thinking in character design. The efforts in creating cute, cool, unique and horrifying characters has resulted in a vast collection of images on the Internet, posted by the artists themselves. We have collected 20 of the most beloved character concept designs to inspire you with what is possible!

  • Hump Day Motion #10: Admirable Sci-Fi Short Films Made by Indie Producers

    We have reached another Wednesday and it is time for the 10th (!!!) episode of PixelTango’s beloved series Hump Day Motion! In this episode you can enjoy more than 40 minutes of heart pumping sci-fi clips.

  • Hump Day Motion #9: Love Themed Short-Films

    In the 9th episode of Hump Day Motion you will get juiced by enough love to make you soft as a puppy. Enjoy these 7 hand-picked thoughtful short films and share them with your friends or someone you love. They will appreciate it!

  • Brilliant Examples of Conceptual Photography

    Photography is truly a form of art. The world along with everything that is in it is the photographers’ canvas, widely open to his imagination. This post contains some very thoughtful and creative conceptual photographs for your inspiration!

  • 20 of the Most Loved Photo-Manipulations Online

    As an computer graphic artist working with photo-manipulations you can get inspiration by looking at others’ work. Sometimes it can be interesting to have look at what other people like the most when browsing art. Here is a list of 20 photo-manipulations that people from all around the world really love!

  • Hump Day Motion #8: Unique Motion Graphic Art for Your Inspiration

    Welcome to another episode of Hump Day Motion! This time we give you a set of very unique, inspiring and fresh motion graphics videos that will most likely inspire you a lot.

  • Hump Day Motion #7: Inspiring Collection of Visually Stunning Morphing Videos

    In this week’s Hump Day Motion you can enjoy a collection of videos that feature some kind of VFX morphing technique. These videos will give you many moments of inspirational insights, as the art is actually transforming during time!

  • Hump Day Motion #6: A Showcase of Creative Hand Drawn Animation Videos

    Each and every Wednesday PixelTango brings you some of the most inspiring videos the Internet has to offer. In this week’s Hump Day Motion we are showcasing animation videos that feature amazing art drawn by hand!

  • 20 Unbelievably Inspiring Sport Photographies

    Sport is probably one of the most common target for photographers. Given all the different sports in unique environments and weather conditions combined with speed, blood, sweat and tears, it is possible to shoot amazing photos. Here is a showcase of 20 inspiring photos for your sporty senses!

  • Hump Day Motion #5: Breathtaking Time-Lapse Videos From All Around the World

    Once again it is Wednesday and it is time for PixelTango’s weekly update when we bring you some of the most inspiring videos the Internet has to offer. In this week’s Hump Day Motion we bring you 15 clever, beautiful and breathtaking time-lapse videos from all around the world!

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