• Hump Day Motion #15: Creative & Fun Video Game Clips

    It has been a while since we posted any motion graphics, so it is about time that we do so! In this edition of Hump Day Motion, we are reviewing video game themed videos. Sit back, relax and remember the good old days when people were overwhelmed by this fantastic 8-bit technology.

  • Beautiful Examples of Creative Entertainment Advertisements

    Creative agencies are constantly pushing the edges when it comes to creating creative advertisements that stands out in the crowd. We have during the last few years seen crazy campaigns with nothing but bizarre photo manipulations on huge billboards. These ads are creative and seems to convert very well. Here is a showcase of some of the entertainment industry’s finest ads!

  • Hump Day Motion #11: The Fun, The Creative & The Thoughtful

    To give you some inspiration, and a good laugh — we have collected some videos that are not only fun, but also very creative and thoughtful! Enjoy this collection of fun, creative and thoughtful videos and share them with your friends.

  • Best of Humorous Art Photography

    The Internet is full of hilarious wins and fails in various types of media. Taking a humorous photograph requires a good thought or maybe just a good timing. Here is a collection of some of the best humorous photography the Internet has to offer!

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