The Ultimate 2010 Holiday Wish List for Design Geeks

Time flies by and now Christmas is just around the corner. Shopping for gifts is not always an easy task. You might not know what to get or where to look. One important thing to remember though, is that the gift for yourself is the most important one! Here is some inspiration for your holiday wish list, enjoy!

Below is a wish list that should apply to quite many design geeks, feel free to add your suggestions in the comment section when you have read it!

  • Apple iPad

    This as Apple self calls it “A magical and revolutionary product”, has really created a big hype among designers and geeks of all kinds. This one is obviously on top of many wish lists for Christmas 2010!

  • Adobe Creative Suite 5

    Have you upgraded yet? I am still on a CS4 version and I would love to get my hands on some of the new features in this application suite!

  • Electronic Rock Guitar Shirt

    Now you can purchase one of these fine Electronic Rock Guitar Shirts and get a little wearable ROCK magic for yourself. The Electronic Guitar Shirt is not a toy that plays pre-canned musical riffs, it is a real musical instrument that allows you to play your favorite songs and sound great doing it.

  • BuckyBalls Magnetic Building Spheres

    Small magnetic balls that you can use to build basic shapes, complex sculptures, magnetic jewelry, or even outfit your refrigerator in bold and unique ways. Just look at all the shapes and forms you can make with these bad boys – it’s amazing!

  • Solid State Drive (SSD)

    Having a fast disk drive is so important when running heavy applications, like Photoshop. When the first consumer SSD-disks entered the consumer market they were expensive and few could afford them. Now the prices are a bit lower and the performance has just increased. Install a SSD and become a more efficient designer!

  • Star Wars: Wampa Rug

    Now you can catch your own Wampa and take him home to decorate your swank bachelor pad. The Star Wars fangirls will love the high-quality synthetic fur, plush pillow head and fearsome claws.

  • Unique Creative Apple Shaped Memo Pad

    For all Apple fan boys out there. Here is a rather sweet apple shaped memo pad for your office work space!

  • Unique Simulation Dummy Zoom Lens Thermos Mug

    Go stealth coffee drinking in your office with this fresh camera lens mug!

  • Bang & Olufsen – BeoSound 8

    Think of a room, any room. A bedroom, guest room, or open-plan kitchen? In a summerhouse, chic apartment, or family home? Now just add BeoSound 8 to fill up your room with Bang & Olufsen sound and style. If you keep your music on an iPad, iPhone, iPod or computer, you are all set to discover the iconic style and breathtaking sound quality that has made Bang & Olufsen one of the most sought-after names in home audio.

  • Giovannoni Timesphere

    Cool alarm clock with a floating illusion that projects the time.

  • Mobile Tail

    Mobile Devices have become a must have these days. This product looks like the tail of an animal! It can be used as a support holder for watching movies, internet lectures or TV shows on your mobile device. It can hold your mobile vertically or horizontally and the angle can be easily changed by attaching the tail on a different spot on the back side.

  • MR. B

    MR.B is a new approach on a treasure box; it’s a bear to collect all your possessions or objects of your memories. No matter if they are as trivial as tickets from journeys, postcards from best friends, used post-it-notes or mere receipts of grocery stores, you can feed them all to MR.B.

  • Slate Tabletop Fireplace

    Bring the hearth to the tabletop. This tabletop fireplace consists of two 7.5″ stainless steel oil lamps, mimicking as logs, anchored to a 10″ x 14″ slate base.

  • Microsoft Xbox Kinect

    Kinect brings games and entertainment to life in extraordinary new ways without using a controller. Imagine controlling movies and music with the wave of a hand or the sound of your voice. With Kinect, technology evaporates, letting the natural magic in all of us shine.

  • PlayStation Move

    PlayStation®Move redefines motion gaming with the most immersive and realistic gaming experience only possible on the PlayStation®3 system. The simple, easy-to-use controller captures a full range of motion giving you ultimate control over how you play the game. With a diverse selection of games and new ones launching all the time, you can enjoy hours of fun with friends and family.

  • Pantone Capsure

    Capture color inspiration from any surface, material or fabric – even small, patterned, multi-colored textures and textiles – and match it quickly and accurately to a PANTONE Color. Created for professionals in fashion, home, interior, industrial and graphic design, as well as for contractors, paint retailers and do-it-yourselfers, CAPSURE is easy to use and portable, yet its advanced image capture technology sets a new standard for accuracy and versatility in a portable device.

That was some tips from us to you. Now, do you have any tips for us?

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