Favorite Creative Links of the Week (8, 2011)

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  • 100 Examples Of Urban And Rural Photography

    Creative Photography Magazine have collected 100 really inspiring and good examples of urban and rural photography. We tweeted about it and got really good feedback from our followers, so there is no doubt that this one belongs in our weekly favorites!

  • 40 Beautiful HDR Photos Of Airports In Asia

    Blogs all over the world keep posting stuff like this with tons of HDR images that all look the same. We usually tweet about all of them, since we know you guys will enjoy them. But we found this one in particular especially interesting this week, as it features only HDR images of airports from Asia.

  • 50 Brilliant Typography Designs To Inspire You

    We think Graphic Design Junction is a great addition to the already vast community of design blogs on the Internet. This week they shared a post with 50 examples of typography art that we found especially interesting. Check out this post and be sure to bookmark this site for future articles.

  • Beautiful Examples of Vehicular Graphics Artworks

    I have been really busy this week. Have been feeling kind of bad not being able to write anything for PixelTango. At least I got the time to collect these 25 artworks of vehicular graphics for you, I hope you will enjoy them!

  • Red Bull Unveils Awesome New Street Art Viewing Site

    Early this week Abduzeedo blogged about Red Bull’s recently launched website featuring street art on an interactive map. We like the idea and wanted to thank Abduzeedo for the heads up!

  • Textured backgrounds in Photoshop

    This weeks absolutely quickest Photoshop tutorial comes from Belgian artist and designer Veerle. She will teach you the basic steps in creating layered textured backgrounds in Photoshop. Something that has become a great trend in web design and graphic design lately.

  • Create a Fictional Arctic Snow Frog in Photoshop

    This one is actually from last week, but since I did not write a weekly summary then I thought we might as well post it now. Here is a really detailed tutorial on how to create a fictional artic snow frog in Photoshop.

  • How and why to be careful with the colors to use

    Here is a very interesting one. Learning about how to use colors efficiently is essential for every designer. You can never get enough of color theory!

  • 200 Abstract Photoshop Brushes for Your Next Design

    This week’s best resource collection comes from one of our partner sites, PSD Vault. It is a post featuring more than 200 abstract Photoshop brushes, divided in packs that makes downloading and installing a real blast. Be sure to download them to be set for your next design project!

  • Situational Design for the Web

    Six Revisions posted a good read on situational design for the web.

  • Using SEO to Generate Web Design Clients

    An article from one of our partner sites, Speckyboy. This one is for web designers hoping to learn something about SEO to generate clients in a friendly way.

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