• Design a simple icon – Photoshop Tutorial

    “Design a simple icon” Requirements: Adobe Photoshop CS and newer Difficulty: Easy Time: Maximum 1 Hour Outcome: Ever wondered how these little picture that are on our desktop are made? Well, everything starts with an idea. Can we make an icon? Yes we can! I will show you simple tips and tricks that will help […]

  • How to install styles, gradients, brushes, etc into Photoshop

    So you do not know how to install custom brushes, styles, shapes etc. into your Photoshop, huh? Well, PixelTango is here to teach you! There are various ways to do this but this one is the most simple one. Open up your computer, go into Local Disk and navigate to ‘Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop X\Presets\‘ where […]

  • Create a Hypnotic Typography Design from Scratch with Photoshop

    Photoshop gives you the tools that allow you to be creative. Here is a brilliant example of how you can use Photoshop’s functionality in ways no one would imagine!

    Learn how to create a futuristic, psychedelic, modern and cool typography design. Let’s get started!

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