• Digital Collage Tutorial

    Hi guys. In this tutorial you will learn how to manipulate with layers, how to use different brushes to create a digital collage. Also that’s not everything you will learn some cool tips and tricks in the following steps. Outcome: But, before starting anything, be sure to download our Resource Pack for this tutorial in […]

  • Doom City, a strip cover – Photoshop Tutorial

    “Doom City” Requirements: Photoshop CS or newer Difficulty: Medium +, Hard Time: 1,5 – 2 Hours Outcomes: Resources: You will need some pictures for this tutorial. ( City, man, clouds, office, wood ) Okay, let’s start with the tutorial: 1. I opened up ‘city’ picture. 2. Placed ‘clouds’ picture. Transformed it to fit my picture properly. 3. Now […]

  • Design a simple icon – Photoshop Tutorial

    “Design a simple icon” Requirements: Adobe Photoshop CS and newer Difficulty: Easy Time: Maximum 1 Hour Outcome: Ever wondered how these little picture that are on our desktop are made? Well, everything starts with an idea. Can we make an icon? Yes we can! I will show you simple tips and tricks that will help […]

  • Awesome Icon Packs for Free

    Hi guys, here are few icon packs that are free to download and ready to use in your designs. Everything was found via dribble. If you are going to use these icon packs in your designs, be sure to mention the original author, because that’s a common courtesy. “Free Flat Social Icons by 1000psd” Simple […]

  • How to install styles, gradients, brushes, etc into Photoshop

    So you do not know how to install custom brushes, styles, shapes etc. into your Photoshop, huh? Well, PixelTango is here to teach you! There are various ways to do this but this one is the most simple one. Open up your computer, go into Local Disk and navigate to ‘Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop X\Presets\‘ where […]

  • Create an amazing print ready poster! – Photoshop Tutorial

    “Creating a Print Ready Poster” PixelTango.Com Tutorial Outcome: Colors are a bit off to show you difference between RGB and CMYK. By the way the girl in this poster is Kate Upton. Minimal Requirements: Adobe Photoshop CS Difficulty: Hard Time: 2 Hours Pictures used: Today we are going to make a poster. There is one […]

  • Mustang wallpaper – Photoshop Tutorial

    “Mustang wallpaper” Requirements: Photoshop CS and newer Difficulty: Hard Time: max 1,5 hour. Outcome: Resources: You’ll need these pictures to follow the tutorial. We have 3 images and we are going to combine them together into one image. In this tutorial we are going to learn how to blend different images into one while matching color, […]

  • Make yourself a modern, stylish wallpaper! – Photoshop Tutorial

    “Make yourself a modern, stylish wallpaper!” Requirements: Photoshop CS and newer Difficulty: Medium – Hard Time: max 1 hour. Outcome: Resources: You’ll need these brushes for the tutorial. And this picture. We will learn some new photoshop tricks, so let’s go! 1. First I opened up a new document named ‘nikki’ . Size was 1600×1000. […]

  • Don’t go the wrong way – Photoshop Tutorial

    “Don’t go the wrong way” Requirements: Made with CS6 but can be done in previous versions also Difficulty: Medium + Time: Max 1,5 Hours Outcome: Resources: Well, let’s start:   1. Open up ‘Tree’ picture     2. Roughly select it with Lasso Tool ( L )   3. Simply click on selection and move […]

  • Create your own world – part 2

    “Create your own world” part 2 Requirements: Photoshop CS6 Difficulty: Medium Time: max 1 hour Google+

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